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This season, I will be integrating the MFL site into the league site, in an effort to provide more flexibility and efficiency in keeping up with your teams.

2018 Playoffs

The 2018 playoff information page for both ESPN and Dynasty Leagues

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**UPDATE** Playoff Format

We will be sticking to the same playoff format as last year. 8 teams will once again make the playoffs, with the two division winners getting byes in the first round. The remaining 6 teams will play in Week 14, as they did last season. The scores for all 6 teams will count, and the 4 highest scores will advance (regardless of whether they won or lost).

All scores from Week 14 will then be reset, and these remaining 6 teams (the 4 that advance plus the two division winners) will compete in Week 15 in a points competition. The three teams with the highest total points will move on to play in Week 16 (with their point total from Week 15 being added to their Week 16 total to determine the money winners).

Hernandez's Hangmen
Week 13 Award Winners

High Points

Jake Killingbeck - 221.3 points

Aaron Hernandez "Hangin' Tough" Award

Brady Bernau - Lost to Brookelynn by 1.7 points

Big Ben's "Buy me Dinner First" Award

Kyle Kohlscheen - Lost to Jake 221.3 to 124.1

Pot of Gold Award

Kyle Kohlscheen - Lost to Jake 221.3 to 124.1

Tim Tebow "Praise Jesus" Award

Patrick Mahomes - 47.5 points

Week 13 Leaders

Offensive Stars

Top players from Week 13 on the offensive side of the ball:

  • Nick Mullens - 53.6 points (414 passing yards, 2 TDs)
  • Patrick Mahomes - 47.5 points (347 total yards, 4 TD)
  • Phillip Lindsay - 45.9 points (157 rushing yards, 2 TD)
  • Travis Kelce - 45.4 points (168 receiving yards, 2 TDs) / Tarik Cohen - 45.4 points (186 total yards, 1 TDs)

Defensive Stars

Top teams from Week 13 on the defensive side of the ball:

  • New York Giants - 26.8 points (3 TO, 5 Sacks, 1 TD)
  • New Orleans - 21 points (2 TO, 7 Sacks)
  • Jacksonville - 20.8 points (2 TO, 3 Sacks)
  • Seattle - 20.3 points (3 TO, 3 Sacks, 1 TD)